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Molecular genetic testing at the highest level

Clinomics Europe was established in Budapest in June 2021 as the first EU subsidiary of Clinomics Inc. Our multiomics-oriented medical biotechnology company has a core focus on liquid biopsy combined with cutting-edge technologies such as NGS (next-generation sequencing), real-time PCR, and digital PCR. Our goal is to revolutionize molecular and precision diagnostics along these technologies. Our flexible, expanding list of diagnostic tests provides reliable information on a wide range of disease susceptibilities in just a few working days.

A dedicated, professional team

Our highly trained, experienced professionals process the samples we receive using the latest diagnostic methods, which have undergone rigorous quality control. Once the analysis is complete, a thorough evaluation is carried out and the results are released as soon as possible.

Genetic counseling is available on request, either before or after diagnostic tests. Our clinical geneticist will provide information about the tests, explain the possible implications of the results and help interpret the findings after the test has been carried out.

Our Tests

Thrombosis genetic predisposition

Family planning, infertility

Cancer susceptibility

Sports genetics


Special tests

Genetic counseling

Our genetic tests are designed to detect abnormalities in our DNA affecting specific gene sequences or even whole chromosomes. Our molecular genetic tests are performed using allele-specific quantitative PCR technology, while cytogenetic testing is based on traditional karyotyping.

Our team

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